Tuesday, 23 June 2015

What really "grinds my gears" on the road as a New driver

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I passed my test over two years ago while studying at uni and never felt the need to get a car. Mainly due to the face I've always lived within walking distance of my job or at least near a bus route!

When I was offered my current job I was excited to finally be in a position to get a car! Nothing could have prepared me for the outside driving world...and how much crazy driving I've come across which inspired me to write this post!

So here is what really "grinds my gears" to quote family guy!

People who dive up your arse...what is the point, you have less reaction time and on a hill start I'm probably going to roll back into your nice, shiny, new car!

Letting one person out and the whole stream of traffic behind decide to bully their way through...one I only do this in hope that there is good karma out there and I will eventually get some kind of long awaited reward like winning the lottery (or simply just wining anything would do!) and two it's just bloody rude!

People who cannot park, now don't get me wrong in my first few weeks of driving I did perform some of the most atrocious parking even my mother would be embarrassed of but come on parking in two spots that's just greedy!

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People who drive ten miles slower than the speed limit, I know with all of the speed cameras and traffic police about it's worth being cautious, but when you've passed countless MASSIVE speed signs it's a worry you can see at all!

Boy racers...what can I say? I mean really?! it's pretty obvious that in your souped up car with 0-60mph in 0.000001 of a second my little ten year old Ford Ka really isn't going to be a fair match. Just no, pick on a car worth challenging.

People who open their car door on a main road and walk so slow we've changed a season already! Hello?! This is a main road, you wont be walking in slow motion, looking at me with a blank expression when I take off your car door you crazy person.

Pedestrians that saunter into the road like "bitch you can move out of my way". To be fair (head hung low) this used to be me, but after getting on the road this is such a scary thing and having to react and swerve around people who don't look can cause so much damage! It ain't worth it people!

Big lorry and van drivers, fair play there is a lot of stigma about this one but since having my car only two months I've nearly been wiped out by a lorry that didn't even see me before ploughing into my lane on the M1, had my windscreen cracked from a van that was driving too fast through a resurfaced road sending a huge rock hurtling into my car at the speed of light! and a van that tried to drive into the side of me because I didn't let him join the road I was on!

Don't get me wrong I've made my fair share of driving errors and I'm still learning but I can't be the only one out there with these pet peeves?!

What are or were your pet peeves on the road?

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