Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Heya! sorry It's been so long! I went home for a few days on my days off!

So I thought seen as though I had added my basic make-up kit I thought I would upload my daily make-up remover routine :) I tend to use garnier products as they leave my face feeling refreshed and revitalized. I love all three products but I have to say the make-up remover is a little greasy, but if you use the toner straight after I find it tends to clear up! I use simple moisturizer because It works for my skin, I tend to get eczema and dry skin and have found this works best for my skin type. I managed to get some good bargains from York which I will up-load on Friday - I'm at work (both jobs) tomorrow so I wont have time unfortunately. 

Hope you've been having a fab week so far... 

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