Monday, 24 February 2014

You are what you eat

Hey lovelies!

Like most people I'm a bugger for giving into the stodge, a pizza here a cocktail there and before I know it the abs I've worked months for are simply a memory! So I decided to test myself - if I could be dedicated how much could I loose...well it turned out quite a lot, 1/2 a stone in two weeks in-fact!

Although its not always a long-term fix I've found the more dedicated I am, the more I actually crave fruit and want to keep in my routine of heading to the gym.

Sooooo I thought I would share my tips!

Firstly I up my water in-take - boring I know but if you add fruit into your water it makes it taste a hell of a lot better and your still getting all of the nutrients and vitamins without all of the nasty stuff in cordials.

First thing on a morning and once in the afternoon I drink hot water with slices of lemon and I also try to drink peppermint tea both of which are great for detoxifying the body!

I stick to three meals a day and limit myself to 1200 calories a day, a lot of people say this is too few but I'm only 5ft so for me this is enough...

Anyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with Les Mills classes! For me the gym alone doesn't work , so combined with classes I feel I get the right amount of exorcise without overdoing it! I tend to go around 3/4 times a week then do a few 30 min workouts at home.

I try to only eat pitta or soda bread, to be honest I actually prefer this now but I just find it isn't as heavy on my tummy!

This sounds daft but don't eat a full meal if you aren't hungry enough, sometimes on a night I cannot be bothered to cook and to be honest aren't really that hungry so I prepare a bit of a platter with snacks for example; Ryvita with philli, fruit, corn on the cob, sweet potato wedges or even boiled egg with solders. Listen to your body, statistics show that we often mistake hunger for dehydration, obviously I'm not saying don't eat and just drink water but snacking on healthy foods is better than eating a full meal when your body doesn't feel like it.

Fruit, fruit and more fruit! For ages I didn't buy fruit because I simply couldn't always afford it for the time it sounds daft but buying fresh fruit from the supermarket as we all know can be a bit of a pinch on the purse, especially if you live on your own...but I found a solution going to my local market on a weekend has saved me £££ I can get £15 worth of fruit for around £6 and if you can't get to your local market Lidl and Aldi is the way forward!

We all know it but cutting out the booze, I say this and then I go out and either TGI Fridays or Revolution calls my name and before you can say Pinacolada I'm behind the bar preparing my own cocktail with just about every spirit you can think of in it!...not really haha but I have had to learn to stick to the vodka lime and soda (76 cal) or tonic, red wine (119 cal) or prosecco (69 cal), 

So there are my few starting tips, just making a few changes to your diet actually makes a hell of a lot of difference!

What are your healthy eating tips?



  1. Great tips - I'm definitely going to start adding fruit to my water! I've recently been making some changes - just eating way more fruit and veg and exercising more and I'm noticing a big difference in how I look and feel!

    1. Indeed! fruit water is the way forward I've tried a few variations and my fave is strawberries and raspberries :) xx