Sunday, 16 August 2015

Public transport woes

I've had my car around two months and the head gasket blew the other week..I stupidly agreed to have it done scotching through a garage which left me without a car for nearly two weeks! Which is what inspired me to write this post!

I never used to mind getting the bus despite waiting around shivering in the cold. It cost me less and it's kind of nice to not have to think about where I'm going or if I take a wrong turning. 

That was until I had the luxury of my car! This post is a list of my public transport woes! 

1. No matter how early I get up or set off I ALWAYS end up running for a bus or a train, usually in heels! 

2. My "perfect hair and make up" is ruined as soon as I step off the bus. My hair looks like I've been electrocuted and my make up is practically smeared down my face! 

3. It always rains when you have no umbrella, in a car it don't matter you're in your out no bother! 

4. You have to deal with people...fair enough there are bad drivers out there, but at least when you get in the car your not dealing with people chewing gum with their mouth wide open, listening to people face-timing on loud speaker taking about which girl they pulled at the weekend!

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5. Everything's least sat stuck in traffic you can wap your fave tuuune on and stick the heating on, waiting for public transport in the rain/snow is not fun especially if you get drenched by oncoming traffic in a puddle - which has happened to me on more than one occasion! 

6. You have to practically take a suitcase everywhere...I like to go to the gym after work, I stay at my boyfriends or friends houses quite frequently, I take a packed lunch and my bag is full of everything in the kitchen sink! In a car no's a wardrobe on wheels, public transport it's like weightlifting for about two hours a day! 

7. No more lie ins, what would normally take 40 minutes in my previous broom broom now takes me two hours one bus, two trains and a lift...and that's just to get to work in a morning! 

8. My gym schedule is ruined! Call me ridiculous but most days I used to be able to get to my classes on time (just) I now arrive precisely 6 minutes late to my classes now resulting in me having to go later equaling me to have no life 😩😩😩 

9. Screaming children and worst screaming parents...I know from looking after my boyfriends little girl sometimes if they want to be giddy and loud or want to cry they will! But I do believe there is a certain way to chill those little people out, if not at least quit screaming in their face and making them cry more...

10. If you've forgotten something you may as well throw the towel a car it's a quick u turn, park up, divd in the house and it's all go go go! On a bus it depends how far you've got...if your luck it's one stop from home and then another 20 min wait for the next bus if your not its either deal without the forgotten culprit or head back! 

So yes not having a car killed me, I felt like I've lost my right arm! But it's made me appreciate this luxury so much and I hope if you have a car or have been in the same situation you know where I'm coming from! 

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