Thursday, 2 February 2012


Hey lovelies!

Major drama yesterday! I dropped my phone in the street and had to cancel my phone, but when I arrived home some lovely guy had found it, searched for my friend on facebook (she had been ringing my phone for ages!) to tell her he had it and would meet us to get it back! What a babe! So I managed to unblock my phone and saved myself £150 on a new phone PHEW!!!! I can tell thee now my bank balance is in no fit state to be forking out that kind of money any time soon!

I'm not going to lie I might not be able to post as much as usual simply because we have an external examiner coming into uni in the next few weeks and my work needs to be in tip top shape to ensure I get into my placement year and if I handed my work in as it is I would literally be hanging onto my course by a thread!

I thought I would do an up-date on a recent photoshoot I did with a lovely model Steph , I'll try to keep popping some up but they might not be to everyone's taste :)

This shoot was supposed to be a simplistic dreamy shoot with a slight rock chick twist :)
Also I am aware the bottom image is slightly out of focus this is intentional!
Let me know what you think :D



  1. Aw! That is so nice! I would be freaking out if that happened to my phone so I am glad you got yours back.

    Good luck at work too!
    This shoot is really lovely. I love the colors, and your model is gorgeous! She is a natural beauty :)

  2. awesome photo-shoot! its good that you got ur phone back, that guy was nice enough to give it back to you.

    Matthew Lima

  3. LOVE the second image. you look AMAZING
    and super glad you got your phone back, there's not many people who'd return things like that :)

  4. Lovely blog :)

  5. I know I'm super lucky! thank-you for all of your comments :D xx

  6. Hey! nice blog, now following :)
    Follow back?

    Emilie xoxo