Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Placement, Placement, Placement...oh yea Primer review!

Eugh! today has been one of those days! I've spent most of it at uni in the studio doing product shots, then had a two hour theory lesson about the history of photography, highly interesting but far too much information for a Tuesday afternoon!
I've also had the dreaded escapade of searching for placements and writing endless covering letters, I've got a list of studios to ring up tomorrow but I'm kinda starting to stress a bit about what I'm doing this year!
Enough about me blabing on about my ever so boring life ;) , as I promised I have written my review for No.7 Primer. To be honest I don't think I would have looked at this product twice if it wasn't for the fact I spent my months wage in two weeks on my horrendous problem with clothing and shoes. Also it didn't help that it was Ben's birthday a few weeks after christmas! butt I got one of those No.7 vouchers and managed to get this primer for £6 and thought why the hell not!

If I'm honest I thought the whole primer was just another con to get people to buy unnecessary skin products, but.it.is.sooooooo.good! My foundation is running a tad low but is lasting me so much longer due to not having to re-apply my foundation. Like at all! (well if you exclude the odd powder here and there.)
It doesn't really smell too perfumey, it did feel a bit thick when I first put it on, but a little does go a long way. It didn't feel clammy once applied and trust me, the foundation stays on for at least 8/10 hours!

I would defiantly recommend buying this product if it is something you are interested in, they have a few different ones for different skin types and I think they are doing samples of the new primer if you ask :)


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