Thursday, 12 January 2012

Time to head to uni, she says for a third time!

 I cannot believe it is Thursday already! three and a half days left until I am back at uni and I am still yet to start my essay, luckily it isn't due in until March the 12th but still I should probably crack on.
Seen as I'll be slaving away at the library I couldn't really be bothered to put together a decent outfit so it's a bit of a chilled look I'm going for today!
Also I realised just how much I've been spending on clothes in the last month and have decided to try and not buy anything for at least a week - Lets see how well this goes!

 Top - (Ben's) Topman
Shorts - Newlook
Waistcoat - Newlook

I've been after a lilac colour for a while now and I've been loving the pastel sugar sweet collections that have been hitting the runway lately so decide to use a No.7 voucher on this cute shade, I would defiantly recommend it!


  1. you look lovely! ah I have the dreaded packing up your life to go back to uni soon too! x

  2. Thank-you :) Luckily I have my own place at uni so I don't have to keep re-packing until I move out haha x

  3. I really like your shorts! Good luck at school! It's never fun to go back after a long break... but you just have to think: you're that much closer to the next break! :)

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  4. love your nail varnish! such a pretty colour :)


  5. I love the outfit, it suits you!