Thursday, 26 January 2012

You know what they say, better late than never ;)

I know I've taken aggggges to do another post! I would love to say I've been doing loads of university work, but if I'm honest I have no idea where this weeks gone! I've meant to do so many things and so far, managed to do sweet nothing! I guess it's not really a bad idea to have had a bit of a rest, after being quite ill I think I needed to give my poor body some well deserved time out, sometimes I do wish I was ill when I actually have weeks of uni not right at a crucial point of the term! 

So without further or do here is my outfit of the day (Well Tuesdays.) Also I'm planning to do a review on No.7 £11 primer which I've just purchased this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

I am aware my hair is a bit of a state in this image, but it was super windy - please be kind, what's a girl to do in these hard times?

Top - Topshop
Cardigan - H&M (borrowed off nat)
Skirt - Primark
Belt - Primark
Shoes - Peakcocks

Cross ring - Ebay
Gold ring - Miss selfridge
Nail polish shade: Lilac No.7, Silver is tin foil!

So there you have it lovelies! hope it was worth the wait! 

P.s. Thank you to all of my followers new and old, I love reading your comments and again I'm so chuft your guys like to read my blog!



  1. Lovely outfit! I loveeeee your cross ring! Ive been after one for ages! xxx

  2. I love your cross ring it is gorgeous i love it xx cute x

  3. cute! love the accessories x