Sunday, 9 October 2011

Now that the love has gone...

I know it's been over a week that I've posted...truth be told me and my partner are no longer. So what does a girl do when she becomes a single lady? She goes home, spends £90 on new clothes, wine becomes her best friend for a few days and she spends time with her closest friends and family...not to mention she picks herself up, realises she's worth better and remembers all the reasons why shes better off being single.

I say this, but after three years of not being single, it's a shock to the system. Looking on the positive side, I'm ready to tackle uni more than ever, travel in my placement year and aim for the career I've worked over four years for. It's not easy, but it's possible I'm here to tell the tale and I'm not going to let myself give up on what I moved here to do.

So there you have it girlies, there's no point dwelling on the past, your in the here and now. It might be hard but it's worth ploughing through the rough times to achieve your life goals. I'll be carrying on my blog as usual, I've just needed time to start healing ;)

So here is to a fresh, new start.


  1. Hey :) your blog is great. I was wondering whether you mind me featuring you on my daily reads? If so then that is not a problem.

    Hailes xx

    P.s Sorry to hear that you have broken up with your bf' single life is good though and you can start doing things that make just you happy!!

  2. Awh thanks sugar :) I would be honored!! I know I haven't posted in a while, it's been a crazy few weeks but I'm trying to spring back this week now i'm back at uni!
    How was your holiday??

    Awh thanks, to be honest I haven't felt this ok in a whilllle :)