Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Long time, no see.

Hello again!

I know I said I would catch up back to my normal posting regime but seen as it's me, my life has near enough been a soap opera these last two weeks. BUT! I'm back, I'm here with a sexy new ring I purchased from TOPSHOP today!
So it's been a fairly boring Wednesday...I awoke at 8:45am to my phone alerting me of a doctors appointment arranged for 9am. The pure mood I was in (and possibly the fact I had been out until 2am the previous night) I decided to snooze, turn the pillow to the cold side and pretend my phone had not been crying for my attention and woken me up. Saying this I also hadn't had a decent nights sleep or a sleep in since way before last week. Then came the dreaded phone call from my doctors to which I ignored...I don't know about anyone else but my doctors at home never call me, even if I do miss an appointment. Anyway I didn't answer nor did I call them back to explain myself-ooopsie!  

Today was my first driving lesson for about three weeks...seen as I've quit my job at Sainsburys it has become apparent I can no longer afford lessons every week and have now had to make do with one every fortnight...there goes passing before new year! But with the hectic few weeks I've had I think trying to concentrate on driving wouldn't have been the best of situations to be in. Back to the point of the post...I arrived a tad early for my lesson so thought it would be a great idea to go shopping and I found this cheeky gem!

excuse the crappy, grainy picture and my bad attempt at nail varnish!

The ring was £3.70 - TOPSHOP
Nail varnish £5 - Models own shade blooboo

I've seen some lush tie dye leggings I think I might have to purchase when I'm next in town, I do have a similar pair but I LOVE them!!!

So there you have it, my tale of the day and buy of the day...hope I haven't bored your socks off! ;)

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