Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Little Miss negative

Well hello there! I have always looked on life a little on the negative side, always a worry wart what if this what if that...what if I actually just focused of the amazing things I have!!??
I've recently reunited with my friend Lucy who I met through Uni. Since meeting up with her she has inspired me to write this post as she's one of the most positive people I know! 

Staying positive can be a downward spiral sometimes, no matter how positive you aspire to be a small chain of events can set us into a negative chucks some pretty crazy things at us and it's easy to let little things get to us...but I want to make a change, I want to be positive and enjoy all of the amazing things and people in my life and I want to share my tips with you! 

- Write things down. My Nana always said if you needed to say something and you felt you couldn't, write it in a letter, even if you have no intentions in sending it...write it put it to one side to read over when you've calmed down or burn it - watch that negativity go up in flames! Lists are always good too if your struggling to deal with a problem that's come up in your life, list different options or solutions you have. If its about something in your life make a list of pros and cons nine times out of ten the pros will outweigh the cons.

- Learn to say no! Sometimes we really don't want to take part in things or we become tired of always being good ol' so and so they will do this because they're too nice not to! It can be something as simple as not wanting to leave the house because we want time on our own or getting tired of doing favors for every Tom Dick and Harry... Yes it's great to never miss out on a social event or to help out a buddy once in a while but when it starts to effect your mood I say learn to say no! In my experience if you do things you really don't feel up to it can make you feel quite negative and if your friends are true and care about you they will understand when you do say no!

- Socialize. On the other hand it's not good to separate yourself from people for long periods of time! Even if you feel like slouching on the couch with a duvet and a film it can do you good to get out there and see friends and family even if it's just for a few hours. Interacting with others engages our brains and makes us feel connected with one another. If your like myself and my friend Cheryl we can have a lazy Sunday together catching up on "So you think you can dance" with the only words being exchanged "Hummus and Bread sticks" but just being around a friend makes me feel positive! Surround yourself with positive people and you will emanate this. 

- Eat well. May be a simple one but it's a core one! A vast amount of research has shown that the food we eat goes to our limbic systems which is the emotional "head office" of our body...resulting from this, if we put unhealthy food in our body this is exactly how we will feel and vice versa in terms of healthy food! I personally have noticed a difference since I've started eating healthier, eating high sugar, quick fix foods taste yummy and sends me bouncing off the walls for a good hour but then the sugar crash comes and I fell horrific. Whereas, when eating healthy food my energy levels are high throughout the day, I feel fuller for longer and full of beans! - pun totally intended!

- Exercise. Even if your not hugely into fitness, get out there go for a walk or a jog. We release happy endorphins every time we are active which overall improves our state of mind. It can be quite therapeutic and quite addictive! If you've read my earlier blog posts you will know I hated sports at school but since starting going to the gym when I started Uni, I'm hooked and actually now feel awful if I don't go!  

- Sleep more. Now from reading a lot of other bloggers tweets and posts it seems like rather a lot of you love a good snuggle in the sheets and getting all cosy...but how much shut eye do you actually manage to get? According to a study by the sleep council in 2013 33% of British people survived on five to six hours sleep and 67% of people squeezed in between seven hours or less with an overall average bedtime being 11:15. Not to be a boring sod but getting a minimum of eight hours sleep a day will help you improve your mood and concentration!

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- Snuggle up! There's nothing better than putting on your comfy pjs, lighting some candles and snuggling on the sofa! According to studies candles give us unconscious relaxation which relates back to the days we used to light fires in the openings of caves to see if it was safe to enter resulting in a calming reassurance. Burning incense sticks is also another way I find helps me to wind down it helps to release anxiety. Certain scents such as vanilla, lavender, rose and even peppermint are proven to improve your mood! 

- Hug people. It's a difficult one, some people are very affectionate and others aren't ones for cuddling! But did you know that hugging releases endorphins and reduces tension, builds up your self esteem, helps to boost you immune system and increases the levels of the bonding hormone known as Oxycontin. So hugging really does have an impact, and best of all it's free! 

- Sing your heart out. Bridget Jones comes to mind as I write this "all by myself...don't wanna be..." Yeah, yeah you get the picture! But singing truly does help to improve our mood. I've been caught many a time singing along to my tunes in the car and then I look to the side of me to the person in the next car staring back at me either in shock or fits of giggles...but that's all the fun of it, having a laugh and laughing at yourself! 

So those are just a few of my happy go lucky tips! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you find any of these tips useful!





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