Thursday, 18 August 2011

As if it's this time and i'm still awake!

Hi all!

So it's been a hectic day! I was at both of my jobs today (Sainsburys 5am-10am) then River Island (12-4) doesn't seem like a lot, but I'm sooo tired!
So anyway I ended up in A&E for about 2 hours, turns out I've bruised my foot pretty bad and need to rest, which means no gym for a week :| I'm still going to go, just not use anything that puts strain on my foot!

So whilst at work I've been doing some shop browsing? (I can't really say window shopping because I was in the shop hah.) I've come across these beauts! Also LLYMLRS blogged about these boots, If i'm honest in the pictures I just kind of by passed them, but when I saw them in store I fell in-love, although I'm hoping that they might turn up in the sale at some point (I can only hope.) I'm really feeling the autumn shades and cosy styles we have in-store at the moment - Don't get me wrong if I could have autumn/winter without the wind,rain and ice I would be a frizz free happy chick buuuuut you gotta love the one offs - even if it is a bit last year just customized ;)

I hate to say it but I think I'm starting to be sucked into the sandy, camel coloured pieces I've been seeing dotted around - I tend to stay away from these colours as they don't really do much for me...It must be my stores influence ;)

So as promised I have the detox diet plan - I would strongly advise not to do this for more than two days as it is just to re-store your vitamins and give your body chance to revive. I got this diet from womans own (I think) I'm still yet to try it, but as I've been ill I wanted to recover before I started the solid free two days :) but as soon as i have tried it I will do a review.


Detox delight soup:                                                                                  

  •  3 pints water                                                                                 
  •  2 cans of chopped tomatoes                                                          
  •  2 carrots chopped                                                                          
  •  1 tin lentils                                                                                     
  •  3 Stick celery chopped                                                                  
  •  2 Onions chopped                 
  •  pinch of salt and pepper

Super Smoothie blended:

  • 3/4 pints water
  • 2 Plain natural Yogurts
  • 2 Banana 
  • 2 Apples
  • Handful of strawberries

At the start of each day drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice, make-sure you have time to relax and if you feel faint at any time relax and drink water. Aim to have around 8 hours sleep both days.

Day one

Breakfast: Super smoothie
Snack: 1 natural yogurt
Lunch: Detox delight
Snack: 3 slices of turkey/chicken 2 tbsp cheese
(I'm a peskatarian so I'm going to have a meat substitute or carrots and humus)
Dinner : Detox delight

Day two

Breakfast: Super smoothie
Snack: 1 natural low fat yogurt
Lunch: detox delight
Snack: Prawns 
Dinner: detox delight

So I hope this helps and if any of you try it please keep me posted - I've been thinking of posting my gym workout so if you want me to comment and I'll upload it in a post this week!
see ya soon!

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