Sunday, 14 August 2011

Weight, what works?

For years I have tried to lose weight and keep it off, but seen as though I have started a blog I thought It would be more motivational for me to keep track while sharing my tips and exorcises.
At the moment I go to the gym 3/4 times a week for about an hour and a half. I try to eat healthily but my main weakness is not eating enough fruit and literally having an addiction for crisps (hah.)

I've been going to the gym for about a month and a half now and haven't lost any weight but definitely have shaped and toned my figure. 
For those of you who hate going to the gym, seriously try going consistently for a few weeks - I hated going to the gym, but since I've seen my progress and increased my stamina I feel tons better and actually enjoy going to the gym. I started going with friends but have since found going by myself keeps me more focused. The thing you've got to think as well is that the other people in the gym are focused on what they're doing, not what you are...any way enough rambling.

I tend to walk everywhere i can (unless I literally can't and have to get a bus) I try to do 50-100 sit-ups and squats every day I don't go to the gym. So I do it alternate days - it sounds a lot but you will be surprised how much your body can actually do. The key is not to over do it, make sure you can feel you muscles working but not to the extent that you are in serious pain. Also always warm up, no one wants to pull any muscles ;) If you are unsure how to do some exorcises or want some more to try Youtube search there's tons of stuff to try :)

At my gym I have set programs that I follow for around 6-8 weeks, ask at your local gym if they do this because it seriously does help. I have a wellness key that i just pop in the exorcise machines and it sets my effort levels for me :)

Also my best advice would be to not cut out all the foods you love, I eat healthily 6 days a week then have one day where I can eat whatever I want, this stops my cravings and gives me a day to look forward to!

I've got a detox smoothie and soup diet that lasts for 2 days which i'm going to try this week/weekend. It's not a fad diet it's just to clear my body of toxins and prepare for my healthy eating attempt 2 haha, so I will keep you posted about that!

Hope this might help :)

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