Saturday, 13 August 2011

Random find/ want of the week!

So I was in Asda yesterday doing my food shopping - boring I know but it needs to be done ;) and I came across these shoes and love, love, love them!

and these

I didn't end up getting either buuuut I will do on pay day - although I haven't decided which ones yet.

I also thought while I was posting I would upload my daily make-up bag - It's basic but hey :)

From left to right:

Bourjois Volume clubbing in black - I think this is around £7.99 but I got two for £10 so I'm not sure how much it is at the moment.

Maxfactor Trio eye shaddow - I think this is £5.99 (again not sure.)

Collection 2000 Fast stroke eyeliner - This is £2.99 I love this because the end isn't like a paintbrush its more like a pen so i find it easier to direct the lines and draw close to my lashes.

Benefit Bad Gal - I'm not sure the price of this as it was a present but it's great for creating thick lines and smudging and it doesn't tend to smudge under the eyes throughout the day.

I tend to have quite dry skin, but a bit oily on my T-zone so for a base I am using Estee Lauder Double wear at the moment (Ivory Beige 10). It's £26 and tends to last me around 2 months and I apply it with a brush :)
I'm currently trying out Estee Lauder Double wear light, It's the same price as the Double wear so i will keep you updated about what I think of this product.

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