Monday, 27 July 2015

Liebster Award!!

Why hello there! I have been nominated by unstoppable here  to do the Liebster Award which is super exciting! So here goes!

Q1. Are you in a relationship? A. I am completely in love with my man! After kissing a few frogs I feel like I've finally found my prince. I know it's cliché and every girl plasters how amazing their relationship is, but this is the first relationship I've been in which is mature and I can genuinely see a future with him. Blimey we have our rows but we sit and talk to one another admit when we are wrong and don't play games!

Q2. What's your blog about? A. My blog is about this and be honest I write about what I like and what interests me, I do feel in a way comparing my blog to others my subjects may be a little broad but I feel passionate about writing blog posts about what genuinely excites me and to be honest I like the idea that my readers have that element of surprise!

Q3. Why did you start blogging? A.If I'm being entirely truthful I started writing a blog to help me through my depression. I spiralled into a pit of self hatred and became so self conscious about myself as a person, I let my past take over my everyday life and some days found it difficult to even get out of bed in a morning. After countless stints of attending counselling and not feeling like I was getting anywhere my doctor suggested I started a diary about my everyday life, mainly to help me have something to focus on. I'd began reading a few other blogs and decided rather than focusing on how I was feeling that day I began writing posts about what interested me. I loved taking photographs and I felt that writing my blog gave my day a sense of meaning, something to get up for. Now looking back over my first posts they were rather sketchy but it's amazing to see how much I've grown as a person since I started my blog. Now I did have times where I stopped blogging and in a way I do regret that. I think sometimes I didn't want to pour my heart out to the world, I was scared of being judged and faced with negative comments. I think I'm now in a place where I have more time to blog and I feel ready to share my life with my readers.

Q4. Are you satisfied with your life? What do you do right now? A. Sometimes I look around at what my friends have and I think "oh my god, I should be doing more with my life". But then I look at what I have achieved so far and think "bloody nora girl you've come so far!" My Nana always used to say "Whatever is meant for you, will never pass you by" I stand strongly by this quote! I've just recently worked my way up to my latest role as a Graduate Trainee Sales Executive for Avant homes to which I am one of the first people to ever be given this role. I do feel that I have achieved so much since leaving Uni from starting out as an Administrator in an Estate Agents to becoming a Negotiator and now to my current role. I think life is what you make it and as long as you stay true to yourself you can never fail at heart.

Q5. Do you follow any TV series? Which one is your favourite? A. I've been keeping up with a few T.V shows I like to wait until a full series has been released as I'm too impatient to wait a week for the next episode but I've just finished watching all three series of American Horror Story and am working my way through Ru Paul's Drag Race - which my boyfriend refuses to watch with me and Sons Of Anarchy to which I am totally hooked! I am also a sucker for watching TOWIE!

Q6. What is your main goal in life? A. My main goal in life is to be comfortable, I don't want to be rich but I want to be able to support my family. I really want to get onto the property ladder in the next few years and hopefully have an investment property, career wise I'm not sure where I want to be as I'm still learning about the industry but eventually I would love to start a family but only when I feel like I have fulfilled my goals and am financially stable to have a little one.

Q7. Where will you go on Holiday? A. Due to the amount of changed this year I'm not going abroad but I am hopefully going to sundown festival in Norfolk in September!  I would love to go to Asia or Thailand next year but I think that's a bit out of my reach as my cars practically sucking money out of me at the moment. Myself and my boyfriend are doing the house up and I'm just about managing to get by at the moment. But to be honest I'm happy with just camping in a field with a nice view in the countryside...but somewhere hot wouldn't go a miss either ;)

Q8. Which is your worst vice? A. I would have to say cocktails. I just can't say no! No matter what day or time of the week I totally give in...much to my bodies dismay..I'm never going to get abs of steel at this rate!

Q9. If you could choose a book to live in, Which would it be and why? A. Cliché but it would have to be "Devil Wears Prada" all of those amazing outfits and events what's not to love! Even if you did have to put up with a bit of bitching ;)

Q10. Do you believe in this kind of tag? do you think it can be helpful for your blog?
A.I think these types of posts give readers a chance to have more of an insight into you as a person and I think it's a great way to promote other blogs that readers may not have come across.

My Nominees:



I can't wait to read the posts and I'm so excited to share some of my favorite blogs! 



  1. Hi dear, I really like your post and I hope you have liked the questions. I can understand ehy u start blogging... It was the same for me! Thanks for have accepted the tag!

    1. It was a pleasure! thank-you for nominating me :) x