Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A little place called Durham

My boyfriends friend Hal and his girlfriend Siobhan are going traveling next month so we decided to have a weekend trip and go visit them both! We were due to go on the Friday but after my car decided to die on me and I spent most of the day waiting to hear from the garage so we headed down on the Saturday. I headed to the gym in the morning and then we set off on our merry way! I had hoped that rich would pack some sweeties for the journey but instead he turned up with a protein shake and a bunch of's hard to eat unhealthy when he's about! 

After two hours of 50 mph speed signs and bickering over which radio station we were listening to we arrived! 

There are so many cute quirky cottages, many painted in seaside pastels! Durham reminds me so much of York (my home town) with the cathedral, history and cobbled streets! 

We dropped our belongings at the house and headed out to indulge in cocktails and a spot of lunch. We settled in a place called bills which had a cute outside seating area. Myself and Siobhan had prosecco with elderflower and raspberries which was a delight and for lunch I ordered a fish finger sandwich which definitely  tickled the taste buds. After lunch and further beverages we headed over to the cathedral, cobbles mixed with high shoes and hiccups was a rather humorous walk which resulted in rich having to give me a piggy back! 

The cathedral is absolutely stunning filled with beauty, history and the stunning choir voices. There's a few sculptures which I found really interesting, I'm not massively religious - I'm not too sure what my beliefs are if I'm honest but I find the build and craft of churches and cathedrals fascinating - probable due to the industry I work in. 

We headed back home for a power nap (Yep I'm 23 and I can't function without one anymore) and began getting ready with a cheeky bottle of prosecco or two! 

We then hit the town to a Lebanese restaurant, I've never tried Lebanese food so it was nice to taste something new! We had a vegetarian sharing platter for the starter which had houmous with flat breads, stuffed vine leaves, grilled haloumi, falafels and some very spicy potatoes with a garlic cream dip. For the main I had a haloumi and falafel wrap but I couldn't actually manage to finish this as the starter was pretty filling! 
We headed out to a cocktail bar which I found the cocktail of my dreams! Strawberry and balsamic vinegar my two favorite things combined in a cocktail! The stuff dreams are made of!

On the Sunday we spent the day mooching around the house watching films and catching up and then indulged in some classic fish and chips which were a-mazing!! I barely ever get take always so this was a nice treat!

Sometimes there's nothing better than a little escape away! Where have you been recently!?

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