Sunday, 19 July 2015


I cannot believe how quick this year has gone! Despite my friends taking the mick about my dreading turning 24...I can't help myself! 
Gone are the days when I could drink until my hearts content and wake up hangover free and being carefree...and Bill free!  God how many frees are in this sentence! 

I do feel like I have a lot to celebrate this year despite finding my first few wrinkles and seriously believing I'm starting to get cellulite ha! 

For a start off I've met my amazing boyfriend...cliche, but I truly feel like I've met a guy who has so many amazing qualities and makes me feel like a princess!

I've landed myself a crackin' job working as a graduate trainee in the new build industry with Avant homes. 

I now have a car which has been a god send!  I never felt I would manage to get a car, but my new job has opened up so many doors for me.

Andddd I've met some amazing new friends and caught up with a few blasts from the pasts :)

As I do every year I wanted to post a birthday wishlist...

1) Picnics and tea parties...basically I just want to spend more time with my friends and my family that would mean the most to and drink booze added into the equation...even better!

2) Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99 - Boots HERE: I've been debating whether or not to get some new make-up brushes for a while but I feel the time has come to try something new. I've always bought make-up sets from ebay but after receiving a Real Techniques foundation brush for Chirstmas and falling in-love with it I have noticed a difference and would love to give the blush brush a bash. Also with buy one get one half price in would be rude not to!

3) Natasha Holographic Mac £35.00 - HERE: I am OBSESSED with anything and EVERYTHING holographic, since having a car I find I don't really wear jackets too often anymore, but living in the glorious UK with all of it's sun rain practically all year round - or rather just on my days off! I think this mac would be perfect. I think it would be amazing for festivals and despite being 5ft nothing I doubt I'd get lost in a crowd with this bad boy!

4) Plunge Wrap Bow Side Teddy £25.00 - ASOS HERE: I absolutely love, love, LOVE teddies! I think they are so sleek and sophisticated!I think the side tie on this beauty is elegant and also useful if your not having such a fab day so you can choose if you want it to be tight or loose. I currently just wear my reindeer pj's - don't judge they're comfy...or one of my boyfriends T-s to bed. But it would be nice to wake up feeling like a goddess...well at least I can pretend ha!

5) Reebok Resistance Tube £9.99 - Argos HERE: Now when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my Birthday and this was the only thing I could think of, he looked at me with the biggest blank expression I have ever seen! Buuuuut after taking part in a lot of Les Mills classes and using resistance bands I really feel the burn...sometimes I like to do the CXWORKS at home and this is the only section that  can't quite do so I really want one so I can do workouts in a morning.

6) Kate Moss Kate B&M £7.99 (I believe): Now don't get me wrong I love a good expensive perfume, but I always like a good handbag perfume. I've never managed to find many perfumes that seem to last on me for very long but this is always one that I've thought was great value for money but doesn't smell cheap!

7) Real Techniques Powder Brush £12.99 - Boots HERE: Linking in with the blush brush...seen as it's buy one get one half price I thought it would be good to feature another brush...probably one I need more than the blush brush!

8) Women Originals Trefoil Leggings £23 - Adidas HERE:I am completely obsessed with the gym and have a gym drawer that is overflowing with clothes, but I really want to condense the drawer to "actual" active wear. After actually spending a decent amount of money and investing in some branded gym attire, I've realized why a baggy T and cheap leggings just don't cut it. They aren't durable and certainly aren't flattering...I'm a huge believer of wearing clothes that you like and inspire you at the gym, my logic is if you dress frumpy and slap dash - that's exactly how you feel. Whereas if you have an outfit that makes you feel good about fitness you're more likely going to feel better about working out! I've picked two styles I love, the Originals Trefoil Leggings as I feel they are stylish, will go with any colour and look very classic.

9) Adidas Originals RITA ORA WHITE SMOKE - Leggings - black £26.00 HERE or HERE: Following on from the Trefoil Leggings, I've chosen these A-MAZING Rita Ora White Smoke Leggings, I think these are the bees knees! I'm not sure if they will entirely suit my body shape as I think being small you do have to pay attention to patterns...and myself personally I am quite conscious of my legs. I do really like these leggings though and feel they again would go with any colour. Plus I've never seen anyone wearing these in the gym so there's hopefully no chance of me matching a size six supermodel gym goer!

10)Good Morning Beautiful Cushion £5.00 - George HERE:
Last but certainly not least is this cute "Good morning beautiful" cushion I've wanted this for ages and I simply cannot get enough of cushions, they are EVERYWHERE in my flat. I think the colour of this is fab because it's quite neutral so it will go with most colour schemes! Plus I think every girl deserves to wake up to this to put you in good spirits for the day!

So that is my birthday wishlist! What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of these products??

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  1. Hi dear :) I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Will you accept? I can't wait to read your answers so, let me know when you'll publish your own post!!! My blog and I wait for you :)