Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pro or not to pro... //Protein shakes//My experience//

I've been regularly attending the gym now for about five years and after finally tailoring my routine to suit my figure and lifestyle I decided it was time to look at my diet. Being a vegetarian who rarely takes vitamin supplements (despite having a full drawer full from my mum who adds to the collection every time she visits) I do become rather lethargic and tired really easily.

As I attend classes at the gym nearly everyday (sometimes up to three classes in a night) I began to find I would wake up in absolute agony barely being able to move without my muscles practically giving up on me. My boyfriend who is quite up on supplements and shakes to suit pretty much any fitness routine suggested I try taking the muscle and strength shake. At first I looked at him like he was talking in swahili...I didn't want to be one of those pretentious people at the gym waking around with their shakers trying to get "guns" like popeye...not that I would suit mahusive arms anywho ha! But after much persuasion I decided to give it a go. 

I ordered a small pink shaker along with the raspberry flavored protein powder, Rich had advised me to have three shakes a day, but as I'm only small I fill up quickly I didn't think I could manage three. So I started on two, one about three/four hours before a class and then one straight after.
I did actually start to notice a difference after a few days taking it... whether or not it was placebo effect I don't know but I began to find I was lasting in my classes a lot longer and I barely ached after my sessions...meaning I could go for longer and my muscles recuperated quicker. Since starting to have the shakes on a daily basis I feel fuller for longer which means I have began to eat less for lunch and can last until tea time without snacking which is a major downfall of mine.

My verdict
I would definitely recommend putting protein powder to the test especially if like me you struggle to eat a lot of high protein foods or are vegetarian. I always think its better to strive to be "fit" rather than "skinny" and believe that these shakes do help towards sculpting a toned, healthy you.

The Lowdown

I ordered the protein from Myprotein and a 1kg bag lasted me just over a month, it comes with a scoop to which you add one scoop of powder to about half a small shaker of water. There are lots of flavors to choose from, from fruity to various chocolate options...plain if your brave...and prices start from £15.79 but I believe there is a sale on the website at the moment and if you or a family member work for a big corporate company some companies do offer discounts. 

Over to you...

What are you thoughts or experiences?

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