Monday, 28 April 2014

Crystal me pretty!

 Crystal nail file | £1 | Primark

Since breaking a nail at work and asking my colleague to borrow her nail file and being lent her crystal file, I have never looked back since! I instantly noticed the difference from the bog standard 60p nail files I have been crucifying my nails with in the past! So when I saw this little gem in Primark for £1 it was love at first sight, in a variety of colours this is one of every woman's must have handbag contents!


Alongside maintaining healthy nails by keeping up with filling , moisturising and painting them I regularly take these sea kelp supplements. There are many benefits from Sea Kelp, it contains various vitamins and minerals, has high levels of iodine - related to thyroid and metabolism, improves energy levels just to name a few!  My mum swears by Sea Kelp to improve nail strength and help hair growth, I do have to agree with her that I have noticed a difference in taking Sea Kelp over the years and definitely would recommend giving it a go! 

 Sea Kelp | from £5.99 | Holland and Barrett

Just a cheeky post today with a little update on my nail care must haves!

Ciao for now lovelies  


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