Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bourjois me beautiful

Bourjois is always a brand I have preferred in comparison to other high street make up. Owned by the famous Chanel it is a fantastic value for money brand which has a luxurious feel to it. I have always stood by the trusted Volume Clubbing mascara and after last month deciding to try the Bourjois Volume Glamour ULTRA curl which didn't prove to work well with my lashes, I decided to stick with the mascara I have always loved. Seen as Boots had an offer for 3 for two on all cosmetics, I thought I may as well try some other products I had been curious about...

Volume Clubbing Mascara - Ultra Black

If you haven't already been able to tell I am OBSESSED with this product, it lasts all day, doesn't streak and you can build it up or use one coat for natural looking flutter happy lashes...I say natural I do have dark features and skin tone so I'm not sure if this would look so natural for other skin tones. The brush is rather thick but does define the lashes, really maximising the length and volume. For best results I recommend putting vaseline on your lashes before bed and then coming through with a eyelash and eyebrow make-up tool. Start from the inner lashes working towards to outer lashes and apply one coat at a time allowing to dry before adding additional coats for maximum results.

next up:

Delice de poudre - gold bronzing powder (sprinkled with rich clusters of sunshine 54)

After (as per) smashing my current bronzer - come on girls we've all been there...I decided to invest in a more shimmer/sparkle bronzer for a healthy glow! What I love about this product is that it is so subtle. I'm used to putting the tiniest bit of bronzer on and looking like someone's just smeared mud in my face. It's really easy to build this product up and it goes on effortlessly...that said it is a little more time consuming but in all fairness I probably should start getting up earlier to do my make-up ha! Packaging wise I think there is a lot going on visual wise although I do think it's really compact and I love the relation to choloclate, every girl needs a pick me up like this in their day.

Finally last but not least:

Happy LIGHT Matte serum primer

I'm still undecided on this product, I love how soft and hydrating this product is on my skin but I'm not sure it works well with the current Estee Lauder foundation I wear...I think this would work well with a lighter foundation or even a BB cream. It smells amazing and glides onto the skin a treat I think this is one to keep an update on!

The result... (Lip shade rimmel, Kate moss shade 5) 

So there are all my latest splurges, 

What Bourjois products tickle your fancy?

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