Friday, 15 May 2015

Fitness Inspiration

I'm a huge believer of buying specific fitness clothes to work out in. Once upon a time I used to be a girl that rocked up in a baggy t-shirt, trackies I'd had since, well...forever and converse or pumps. After about a year of training I decided to invest in some running shoes and I have never looked back - and my wardrobe has continued to expand to the point it is bursting at the seams! In my opinion working out in specifically designed sportswear not only makes you feel better about going to the gym, it is durable and worth indulging in. I found that training in oversized sportswear made me feel oversized and slugish, wearing the wrong trainers used to give me sprained ankles and put serious pressure on my precious little feet. Since investing in some new pieces for the gym I find it easier to work out (I'm not longer wrestling with what feels like a massive tent whilst doing high impact and core strength) and when I put on my gym gear I feel great about myself as well as being ready and rearing to go! I think as well when your wearing fitted gym attire you begin to see your progress quicker and easier.

As we are coming into the summer season I wanted to put together a wish list of some of my favorite items!

Items litsted below!

1) Nike Dual Fusion Lite Ladies Running Shoes - pink and lime £42 - here

I love the colour contrast with these!

2) Nike Flex 2015 Ladies Running Shoes - teal green/white £54.99 - here

I'm obsessed with teal at the moment so for me these are a must!

3) Annie Cut Out Printed Sports Legging (acid wash effect)  - £12.00 - here

I love the quirky colours on these and I think the detail with the cut out sections at the ankle are cute. 

4) Savannah Detail Back Sports Vest (acid wash effect) £10.00 - here 

This top actually has a cut out back which I think is great to give your skin chance to breathe when working out!

5) Umoro One Water Bottle £18.25 - here

Now this is such a great invention and I've put this on my birthday list so I'm hoping I'll be able to have one of these bad boys in pink soon! It works by putting your shake powder into a compartment in the lid which is separated from the bottle itself. You fill the shaker up with normal water then when you are ready for your shake you press a button which releases the powder along with a filter to help mix your solution together - Genius! 

6) Nike Legend Poly Capri Pants Ladies pink/black £34.99 - here 

I love, love, love pink - enough said.

7) Nike Graphic Tank in Lilac £13.99 - here

Again love this colour!

8) USA Pro Med Bra Ladies in orange £9.00 - here 

This is one of my favorites out of what I have picked out I think its a real stand out piece!

9) Fitness-Mad Resistance Tube & Guide £7.49 - here

Everyone needs one of these - then you can work out anywhere!

10) Impact Whey Protein Toffee £15.79 - here

I've just spotted this flavour and I'm not sure if it would be really sickly buuuuut it does sound nice!

  That's all for today lovelies! Hope you've enjoyed the read!




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