Monday, 26 September 2011

The northerners go to London Fashion week!

Just to warn you in advance, I’m most likely to ramble in this post, so to save you the hassle or ploughing through this post I’ve changed the text about the actual fashion show to italics!

So here goes…
I awoke on time, something that I was paranoid I would not do. I even managed breakfast which is an achievement in itself! In my desperation to make sure I was on schedule I decided to get a taxi to the station, just in case. Thank god I did! When I got to the station the bus before mine arrived and the driver stated he would be lucky to arrive at 8:40am. My heart sank, all that money, excitement and preparation for there to be the possibility I might miss my train.
7:32 – 10 minutes into the bus journey the panic set in, what would I do if my train departs before I even get the chance to arrive?
A good 30 minutes into the journey we had arrived in Dewsbury, the driver who had somewhat annoyed me with his attitude regarding tickets and times began to amuse me. Dressed in his navy uniform, hi-visibility jacket and brown…yes brown shoes was belting the coach out like there was no tomorrow! Some corners, with his vigorous driving I have no clue as to how the bus managed to turn round them – nor did I want to begin to think how.
8:23 Leeds is in sight, there is hope!
8:47 I arrived, cuppa tea in hand and sat on seat 33A reserved with East coast trains.
11:04 As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts I swear I am unlucky! due to a fault with the brakes the train was at a halt just outside Peterborough…bored of waiting I decided to apply my make-up, I did my foundation before I left the house but I always prefer to do my make-up on the train if it’s a long journey – giving me the chance to snooze without destroying my make-up. Call me weird but since the age of around 13 I mastered the art of applying my make-up on buses and trains – who wants to get up earlier than they have to – not me that’s for sure!
12:02 After sat outside Peterborough for 30 minutes I arrived at Kings cross station. Emma was waiting for me at the ticket barrier underground tickets in hand. We headed to Soho to Revolution for lunch and cocktails – it’s never too early for us two to drink! After a delish half and half pizza, strawberry woo woo and a free drink we set on our mission map in hand to find Somerset house. It was a mere 15 minutes away.
On arrival it seemed a bit chaotic, we couldn’t really work out which way we were supposed to go or whether we should look at the clothing or jewelry first…we headed to the cloakroom and purchased a locker for £1 – I say locker, they ran out so we had to pop ours next to the lockers in hope the woman would look after them ;)

After becoming luggage free, we headed to the cute camper van to claim our wristbands, shortly after we indulged in our free cocktail a chambord champagne cocktail. In the marquee there were stalls of jewelry, scarfs, bags and make-up and beauty stands. After exploring the stalls, which personally I felt were a bit out of my price range as nothing “poped” out at me we headed to our 4:30 catwalk show.

The designers show casing were: JAEGER AW11, OSMAN AW11, BRYCE AIME AW11, LE RIVE GAUCHE and THE GREAT BRITISH AUTUMN. Styling created by Miss Molly and the hair and make-up by Elizabeth Arden and Toni & Guy.
Here are some of the photographs of the show:

I thoroughly enjoyed the fashion shows, the lovely Grace Woodward introduced the show as glamorous as ever! We were sat two seats away from the catwalk “entrance” about half a meter away from where Naomi campbell had opened Toni and Guys hair show a few days previous…although the catwalk wasn’t raised which me and Emz thought it would be. 

After seeing these I’ve realized I’m not in the slightest photogenic, but I didn’t have many pictures of me and Emz at the event (which I’m sure when she sees this picture, she will hate me for the rest of time – even though I think she looks lush as always!)
All five designers had some beautiful clothing  for A/W11 but the designer who striked me the most was Bryce Aime. showcasing a modern collection based on structure and graphic points. The inspiration behind this collection was the stereotypical militaristic features of an army barracks. His work linked with Lady Gaga was an instant hit with majority of the room and by far my favorite of the afternoon. 
After each catwalk we were shown clips from designers, make-up artists and ELLE highlights.
As soon as it began, it seemed to be over 4 weeks of preparation by the team for five 3-4 minute show. After the show had ended we headed over to the shops and had a nosy around. Although we both found pieces we loved, there was nothing that really stood out in our price range that we loved enough to purchase. I know it sounds odd we didn’t buy anything, but were the type of people that don’t really tend to buy things unless we are 100% sure about it. Plus Emz loan didn’t arrive on time and my pay day is a week away so there wasn’t really an opportunity for splurging for the sake of it – as much as we wanted to!
Saying this I found these shoes and if money was no object BABY THEY WOULD BE MINE!

We had been up for around 10 hours by this point and where beginning to run out of energy and unfortunately found the main stalls within the last 30 minutes leaving us a bit rushed for time. I think had we have gone one of the previous days or at least stayed in a hotel the night before we would have enjoyed ourselves more and had more of an opportunity to browse the stalls.  
We also received a free goodie bag designed by David Koma :

This included: Kleenex cleansing wipes - which I received two of instead of fake eyelashes and a rocky road GU bar (I have no clue why hah) Kleenex tissues, Karl Lagerfeld diet coke, Johnson's baby oil, Lavazza coffee and Label.m salt spray.
At 6pm London fashion weekend finally came to a close and we decided to head over to Foundation bar for a sneaky cocktail on the way back to Kings cross. In need of food we ventured to Nandos round the corner from the station in order to feed the demands our stomachs were making. Then it was time to head home...I always hate leaving London, in a way it feels like home although I have no idea why.
Overall views, I would say it is worth going to London fashion weekend, it is perhaps the only experience even close to London fashion week. But if like us you're not within traveling distance book a hotel! no-one likes traveling for nearly 8 hours! I would also suggest getting there in plenty of time, we assumed arriving at just after 2 would give us plenty of time but trust me it really, really didn't. Finally SAVE, SAVE, SAVE although there are discounts up to 70% off the best things really were expensive.
Hope all is well!

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