Thursday, 22 September 2011

The countdown starts today!

It's official...the tickets are here in black and white, they're not fake, it wasn't a dream, I didn't read my text wrong...I really did win and I really am going to the Sunday of London fashion weekend!
It's been a long week of waiting eagerly near the letter box in hope that "today might be the day I get the tickets!" Pouncing like an excited puppy at any sign of movement coming from the door or letterbox...Amusing as it is the postman delivered my precious letter whilst I was at work. This resulted in eagerly waiting 48 hours plus another day because it was a Sunday! in order to collect my prize! Because it's me and I swear I am typically unlucky I power walked all the way to town to discover the post office closed 30 mins before I had even departed from the house!
After receiving the bright red card with my details nearly 4 days previous I FINALLY HAVE THE TICKETS! There's no more reasons for me and Emma to panic frantically, that between us we may had wasted £90 on train fares to London ticket less with the possibility of rejection at the doors!

We're both entirely excited! Although I'm STILL unsure as to what I should wear...maybe I may find something in Town tomorrow...
anyway enough waffling!

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