Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mark Riley experience

I was recently offered an invitation to have "the ultimate" hair and beauty experience with Mark Riley. Teaming up with Salon Evolution I was offered four different treatments: 

Visit A: Hair cut
Visit B: Luxury style
Visit C: Luxury manicure 
Visit D: Colour 

All for £50 which is a BARGAIN for how much goes into the different treatments! 

For my first appointment I had my hair cut by Rosanna who gave me a clean cut with a balcony style fringe. On arrival I was offered a selection of beverages to which I decided to treat myself to a cheeky white wine! They use luxury shampoo and conditioners and offer fantastic, nourishing treatments to keep your hair in tip top shape!

My second appointment was a luxury style by Lybina who gave me a fantastic half up half down do for my friends wedding. I'm not usually a fan of updo's mainly because I never feel I suit them and because I'm so paranoid my hair will fall out of place into a birds nest with kirby grips hanging out, but I absolutely loved it, not a wisp out of place even after a few glasses of wine...

Third was my manicure by Laura. The appointment was around an hour long and consisted in a manicure, nail buff, moisturise and painted nails.  This was so relaxing and by far the best manicure I've had.  My nails have been in such poor condition for such a long time, but I'm so impressed how beautiful they look and feel even now a few days after the appointment. My nails feel nourished and I definitely want to keep on top of them!  

Last but not least I used the last of my offer which was the colour. I chose to go for a ombré style inspired by Ashley Simpson...yes, yes I know every man and his dog has gone ombré but besides dying my fringe wacky colours when I was 16 (which left my hair dry and coarse) I've never really changed my hair drastically. 

Roseanna did the colour again and again it has met and exceeded my expectations. It's taken a few days to get used to but I am in love with my new locks!

Overall I think the service is fantastic, it's very professional but with personality. I think the girls are very talented and I thought the offer was worth every penny!
I would recommend trying out their fantastic services and with £10 off your first cut for new customers why would you say no!?

You can visit their website here.

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