Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Half empty boxes and new scenery

Hey lovelies!

This seems to becoming a rather bad habit...lack of blogging!
 Due to unforeseen circumstances, I've had to move house...again! So with packing, re-decorating, uni, working and trying to salvage my social life I've barely had time to do anything! 

I'm really excited to get settled into my new house with my new housemate Walker. Thank the lord I have a built in wardrobe with pull down rails giving me double the wardrobe space I've been used to...which considering I had 2 suitcases, three tote bags and a pull bag full of clothes to move it's quite possibly the best thing ever!  

andddd there's an ice cream shop at the bottom of my road...sounds sad but it's pretty much all I've been eating lately haha. I'm going to try my best to keep blogging, but I wont have any internet for about a week so I might have to do a few posts from my phone :/

I've been riffling through home decorating books and thought I would share some of my inspiration images! 

Also hello, my new obsession...if you haven't tried it GET TO THE SHOP AND BUY SOME!

I guarrentee I will have some pictures of my new house as soon as I get it all sorted!

hope everyone is well!


p.s. Here's some pictures from my lack of blogging weeks!


  1. aw, i hope you like your new house! the inspiration pictures look lovely and i'm in complete agreement about how great it must be to have an ice cream shop so close, serious envy right now!
    i love your blog so i've just started following, but also, the fact you seem so lovely was a big factor in that decision too!
    please pop over for a chat when you get the chance, it'd be lovely to hear from you.
    hope to speak soon,
    laura xx

    1. Thank-you lovely! It is pretty amazing, there's like a billion flavors it's immense :D

      Thank youuu :) I've left you a comment on your blog :),

      Jax x

  2. Hey there, lovely interiors inspiration :) I'm a photog/styling grad too and I totally sympathise with the accomodation difficulties, and the accumulation of a LOT of stuff! Would you like to follow each other?

    1. Awh thank-you,

      It's a nightmare isn't it!?

      I've started following you :)

      jaz x

    2. Yes, TOTAL nightmare, but it doesn't last forever, and hopefully you are feeling a bit more settled now. Thanks so much for visiting mine and for the follow, I am following you right back! x

    3. I am indeed, just getting all of my furniture delivered this week :D
      No worries, such a sweet blog :D x

  3. i just followed you, follow back please?xx

  4. lovely blog Alexa :) just started following you.
    And you're so lucky, I wish I had an ice cream shop around the corner too!


    1. Thank-you sugar!

      I knoww it's super yummy!!!


  5. Lovely blog hunny!

    Come check me out -

    Love Ellie x