Tuesday, 27 November 2012

And they all lived happily ever after...

Hello sugarplums!

So as I'm sure quite a few of you readers are ploughing through your final year dissertation...I feel your pain! Athough saying that I am enjoying what I am writing about and so, I thought I would share a bit of what I'm writing about. 
Within photography all photographs boil down to fact or fiction, in my dissertation I've been focusing on the case of The Cottingley fairies which has began to give me that magical feeling (God now I sound like a scriptwriter for The Thimbles haha!) 
Looking into The Cottingley Fairies has kind of made me wish I could be little and naive to the world again, reading fairytales and believing that everyone lives happily ever after, the main stresses in life being when the Tooth fairy or Santa would be coming...then reality comes and smacks you in the face and you have 6,000 words to write in five days, a house to run - not to mention trying to steer away from the chocolate and having to do 300 sit-ups a day to "look like a princess" haha! It's funny how life changes...

Anywho enough of me waffling and down to the photographs!

I think you can tell how long I've been in the library!

Also IN-LOVEEE with this song at the mo!

So it's back to the library for me tootles for now pipsqueaks!


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