Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Work outfits and free pizza!


So I've been spending my week cracking on at work and drinking far too much as per, but I'm on top form with merchandising the floor and planning more photoshoots with my lovely Lucy! I had a bit of a mad day really, I had my driving lesson this morning which was Rather amusing - according to my apparent wheel spin I should be applying for top gear haha!

This weeks been going so fast it's unreal! Me and Lucy went for a tarot card reading last night, I know some people are a bit so, so about these things but seriously this woman was amazing, she had never met me before and she told me a fair few things about myself that no one else could possibly know so hey it was an ace night accompanied by yet more wine and free revolution pizza - I swear I am amazing at finding bargains it's untrue! 

Here's my outfit of the day for work so all is from river :)

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