Saturday, 5 May 2012


Hey all,
I know I haven't done a beauty review in ages but this was a must! I was shopping in superdrug yesterday before my shift and found this little beauty! Im usually really funny about using skin products because my skins really sensitive! It sounds silly but I get really paranoid using new products after using olay on my back a few months back and I'm not even joking I felt like I'd fallen into a bush of nettles! So yeah anyway garnier body tonic is actually amazing, it really smoothens your skin (and makes tanning far easier) I think it was 1/2 at £3.49 but it smells divine, sugar based with natural ingredients it's a really healthy product. It makes the skin feel hydrated and as soft as a babies bum (so the saying goes haha.)

So last night I ended up going out for a cheeky bottle of wine with my friend and thought I would show you my outfit (I've also posted my outfit of the day today) I know it's a bit casual but a lot of my clothes don't fit me at the moment so I'm having to save up for new clothes not to mention shrinking stuff in the wash hehe! SHOPPING SPREEEEE ;) I've officially signed and paid for my new place too and I cannot wait to move in!!! I've also passed my mock driving test which means I'll be booking my actual test so watch out roadies because there will be a new mad driver on the road soon ;)

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