Sunday, 29 April 2012

May awaits :)

So may is only moments away! This year is seriously flying by! I'm signing the contract for my new place on Monday so it's a fresh new start for me...I've been applying for internships with various people so fingers crossed I shall get one soon :) its been a manic weekend which yet again is over far too quickly but it's been a funny one, yet again far too much drinking which resulted with me stumbling in at redic O clock last night and falling asleep (fully dressed shoes and everything) on the sofa haha! It's been a good'en and I've caught up with a few people I haven't seen in like forever! I managed to get this cute crop top from new look for £4 I'm probably going to wear it with my high waisted lace shorts or leather look skirt next weekend...pretty bad picture but hey haha and excuse the tum! We've indulged in home made butterfly buns and yummy bottles of kopparberg before the mundane shifts at work start again tomorrow buuuut not long now :)

Hope your all oki xxx

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