Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Spontaneous weekend away :D

As promised some pictures from my weekend away! And of my work uniform! I really need to reign in on my spending habits it's getting a bit redic! But working in a clothing store is far too tempting! I've been buying some bits and bobs for my new place recently so I guess I cant say all my money's been too badly spent!
It was so good to get out and about in the country! I'm starting to realise I enjoy spending my time in the country a lot more surrounded by nature. Don't get me wrong I love the city but it's just nice sometimes to relax and just stop for a while! The weather was on our side too so I made the most of the sun sipping wine by the lakes. Everyone knows though that a holiday is no holiday without ice cream!!! So I did indulge myself, well I think I deserved it after 6 hours of walking haha! I'm not sure if I come across as a boring old fart on here but the little things really do mean a lot to me and this weekend was just the break I needed :)
Hope all is well laaaa! Xxx

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