Friday, 20 April 2012

Im ready for the weekend yeahhh!

Hello Friday! It's been a pretty hectic week I've got deadlines jumping at me left right and centre not to mention lots of flat viewingssss super excited to be moving soon, house parties and sun, sun, sun! I know I've been meaning to upload my work outfits but I can't find my card reader :/ I think I've packed it but I cant be bothered to go through all of my boxes to find it so I-phone pictures will have to do hah!

It's my step dads birthday today so I've got him this wolf print t-shirt which tbh I wouldn't mind wearing myself it's pretty damn cool and some wooly socks for when he's in the workshop :)

So I've ended up on the train to Windermere which is a bit bizarre but hey I like to be spontaneous haha! So I shall be uploading some pics :)

Also me and my friend Lucy have decided to go on the York ghost walk so I need to book that, I get scared pretty easily but it's gunna be really funn! Quite a lots going on at the mo and I think Lucy managed to get us some guest list tickets to the end of the world partay in Leeds which I am actually really looking forward to! Anyway enough of me nattering about stuff, there will be plenty of pictures to upload I'm sure, hope your all oki xxx

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