Sunday, 25 March 2012

Back to reality

I am becoming terrible with time management at the moment!
I've started working 6 days a week at River Island and have neglected my blog big style! although since coming back I have a few new followers which is always nice to see :)
I've been doing a fair few photoshoots recently which I will up-load as soon as I get chance!

So River Island has finally done it! We are now part of the non-uniform clan! So I've been super excited to be getting new clothes! Seen as I work mainly on menswear I've decided to wear some men's tops which I've fallen in-love with this spring! I'll try to upload a picture of my outfits when I get chance this week!

Since trying on clothes for work I've noticed I'm now a size 8 which I don't think I can say I ever have been! I'm pretty chuft but am hoping I'll be able to stick at this weight, but I think most of my weight loss has been down to stress which I'm a bit worried I'll begin to put weight back on again :/

Just to try and get back into the swing of things here is a portrait of the week (the barbie doll in the background is part of my uni project, I'm not a weirdo honest ;) )


  1. Omg.. just from reading a few of your posts we are so the same! i also work at river island and cant wait to get some 'non uniform' outfits and also hate my uni course and dont know wether to take a year out... but also having that problem thinking i probably wont go back, dilemma!!


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  3. I always wondered why the staff in RI had a uniform! Enjoy picking stuff out :) I always had weird stuff hanging round my room when doing A level art, gave up trying to explain it after a while!