Thursday, 10 November 2011

Street style - the Yorkshire way...

So were about a month an half into the new term, were about to start our first essay and so before my life gets too hectic with work I wanted the chance to share some of my work with you :) It's been a highly productive week so far and our class has received some exciting news that Guy Farrow will be hosting a lecture for our course later on this month, we have an opportunity to discus our work with Guy if our portfolios are chosen so I am on it like a car bonnet because I want my portfolio to be on that table ;)  

For my final project this year we have to choose a subject of our choice and create a series of images for our final assessment in May. I have decided to do my project about fashion (of course) but have decided to focus on the "adolescent women" and how women dress affects certain social conventions perception of age and maturity. I started out by looking at street style in my hometown York and thought I would show you a sneak peek into my work. Some of the images are a bit grainy this is due to the fact they were taken on a throw away camera and have been scanned into my computer :)

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