Monday, 14 November 2011

Simple things I'm loving this week!

Today was just another average day, this is what me and my friends thought until we looked over and saw Patrick Stewart casually walking past us outside the student union bar. We completely forgot that graduations were taking place this week but still its not someone who you see everyday but still he is a rather friendly chap!

Enough about my day and more about what I cannot get enough of at the moment!

 I'm in-love with my new scarf purchased from peacocks, although it may look like I may as well tie kitchen paper round my neck to keep myself warm but it is actually quite snug and at a cheeky £2.50 in the sale its a reet bargain! Models own nail polish Blooboo, I know its a bit of a summery colour but truthfully I really love to wear pastel shades to brighten up my outfits. I do think this this nail polish is a worthwhile product to buy as it does last without chipping if you put a clear over coat on top. 
I have to admit I am a bit obsessed with ebay and jewelry, perfect match really because jewelry is soooo reasonable on that site! So you can imagine how chuft I was to find this cutie ring for £2.00 inc. postage and packaging! 

Seen as I've been spending a fair amount of time in the studio these last few weeks I thought it would be a good idea to start shooting products in the studio so here is the result!

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