Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Polka dot madness and shiny things

I've had the best week in a long while, saying this I tend to count my weeks in the time I'm not in Uni rather than Monday to Friday :) I've been spending more time at home with my lovelies and convinced mamma.t to hit the shops to see what bargains I could pick up! Mamma.t hates shopping with me, she's the type who can walk into a shop scan, see what she likes, buys and leaves. I however prefer to really look, fabrics, textures, colours and rifling through sales for hidden gems. This is when I came across this sparkling little (I say little) star ring. Only £1 in miss selfridge, it's not usually my style but seen as Christmas is coming up soon I decided to get some sparkles in my life. After Uni on Monday I thought it would be cool to try out polka dot nail art, I've been wearing a lot of grey and black recently - mainly because they are my "warm, winter clothes" which all seem to be dark ish colours. So to brighten up a bit I thought I would paint my nails peach and silver and here's the result:

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  1. love your blog dear (:

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