Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bobble hats at the ready!

As I'm sure most of you have gathered by now, winter is kicking in...within what feels like no time it's gone from bearable to literally unbearable icicles on your face. I get cold at the best of times (take for example on holiday in Lanzarote I was sat in the sun with a blanket round me a19° joke) so for me this is like being at the north pole hah! Pathetic I know but hey I'm a summer girl!

Last year I bought this bobble pom pom hat from Primark, I never had the guts to wear it as I feared I would look like a gnome...but its sooooooooo warm! Since plucking up the courage to wear the hat, it has barely left my head I even walked onto the shop floor forgetting I had it on today! 

Although I bought it last year I think they have a similar one out this winter, I would defiantly recommend buying one, they are lovely and snug and a must have for the wardrobe!      

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