Monday, 21 November 2011

Poor Bertie took a turn for the worst...

I arrived home after work on Saturday night ready to chill, update my blog and watch a few good ol' episodes of American dad before getting ready to go out...then disaster struck. My computer aka Bertie gave up the fight and died on me :/
I have had him for a fair few years and he's had a good run but talk about bad timing!
I'm not too sure if it's the motherboard or the power supply, truth be told I'm not too great with computers well fixing them at least! All I'm hoping is that my files have not been affected - 5 years of worth of work, that's what you get when you don't back it up ha.

I've now got the decision as to fix my computer or to buy a new laptop...then comes the question Mac book or laptop?
I've been wanting the excuse to get a new laptop/mac book for a while but my poor car fund is going to suffer a massive dint after this splurge :/

So the moral of the story is, always back your files up and have a "ifmycomputer/mac/laptopeverdies" fund just in case :)

Also if any of you fellow bloggers fancy giving me some advice on the Mac vs Laptop situation, please feel free to comment below!

For now it's farewell until next time :)

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