Tuesday, 6 September 2011

You win some...you lose some - in this case WIN

Hi lovelies!!!

After a lush night out with the girlies and uni friends, I headed to Leeds to hit the shops and see mamma.T.To my surprise I received a text from Vodaphone stating I had won Front row tickets to London Fashion weekend on the 25th of September!
If you haven't heard of London fashion weekend it is defiantly worth looking at, it is the follow up of London fashion week that the public can attend - no invitation needed! It is a chance to shop from designers of London Fashion Week from the high profile to the emerging, at reduced prices. This year the beautiful Grace Woodward is presenting the show (Stylist and BNTM judge)
Designers such as Twenty8twelve, Melabelle, levi's and Tara Lacey's designs to name a few will be at London Fashion Weekend! For me this is an exciting even to be able to attend as I have not been to any previous catwalk shows (that weren't for college) and especially not sat on the front row.
I have decided to take my fashion 
 friend from back home Emma...you may know her from her blog. We're both EXCITED! and will be blogging from our seats so watch this space!
on that note...I think it's time to start choosing an outfit and squeezing some overtime in! x


  1. Wow, well done! So jealous :) xx

  2. That is soo exciting!! I'm with Vodafone and all I got was them cancelling my phone contract :s

    Thank you for the loveliest comment on my blog. I was slightly worried people would be like ''what is she wearing!?'' or just leave general nasty comments. Its taken me a year to build up the courage to do a proper outfit post :L Also where are you studying Photography? I was thinking of doing it but couldn't find a course that sounded right for me?

    Hailes <3


  3. I'm so excited I've literally never won anything, hopefully you will both be interested in my follow up of the day.

    No worries! credit where credit is due :) I study photography at Huddersfield, it's a really good course but it has a lot of theory, you're best bet might be to go on the student room, there's some really good reviews and advice.
    Keep me posted about which uni you decide to apply for :) x

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