Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Autumn winter nails

The leaves are falling, the wooly knits are out and I've just come back from my hometown. Sorry it's been a few days, after a manic week I decided to visit my family and friends back home and within two hours of being back in York I already had purchased some new make-up...I will be reviewing these over the next few days, so please comment if you are interested or would like to see more reviews!

For now I will be reviewing my new "Saturday night out" nail polish...this polish was only 50p so I wasn't expecting a lot, but I fell in love with the rusty orange sparkle colour. After applying the polish I soon realized that it was more a bright orange, but I've thought of doing an under coat of brown or red to see if I can improve the colour, I shall upload the results later on this week. I really just wanted a cute Autumn colour just to go with the season, I bought this nail polish from Zest in York, I know it's not something every reader may be able to find but I just wanted to give you some inspiration for the up and coming season. 
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