Friday, 2 September 2011

Some things in life we get for free...

I was excited to hear that Huddersfield was getting it’s own H&M, It’s not a shop I tend to religiously buy from, but I usually manage to find some cracking bargains!
The first 100 people into the store received a gift voucher between £5-£50, so after work me and a friend eagerly queued up in wait to see if we were lucky enough to be one of the lucky 100. We arrived at 10:16 and already the que was lengthy! There were lots of promo pictures being taken and unfortunatly I was still in my work uniform so I spent most of the time hiding behind me friend haha!
After waiting an  anticipated 30 minuets we received our gift vouchers and I luckily opened my gift card to find £20 written in fine handwriting. When we were let lose in the store, I was rather impressed, the H&M in York is good but I can never seem to find anything I’m looking for however, this time I found plenty I loved. There is two floors, ground is women’s wear, upper is women’s occasion wear and children’s.
After a astounding 20 minuets I found the perfect items for me – anyone who knows me knows that I spend HOURS deciding which clothes to buy. so here is what I got:

Jumper – £7.99
Top – £7.99
Leggings £5.99
Overall some ace pieces for autumn/winter and going back to uni!

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