Saturday, 12 April 2014

Home Sweet Home

After going home last weekend and looking through all of my collage sketchbooks I decided it was time to start a sketchbook for all of the things I want to make, as well as things I needed to buy to finish my flat off. I've started making a few things but decided that I would have a mooch around town today to see what bargains I could pick up!

I picked all of this up for £13.50!

Collage picture frame £5.99 B&M
I don't usually like having loads of pictures everywhere, after doing photography and learning the aesthetics of "family" photography it was enough to put me off being surrounded by them for life...but growing up in an era where our entire lives are on our phones made me miss actually fully seeing and touching photographs so I decided to invest! and at this cheeky price it was indeed a excellent buy!

Side plates £2 each TK Max
Next up were these gorgeous side plates! When I moved out of student accommodation into my first "real" house I was adamant I wanted black plates and turquoise glasses. After moving house (one of many times) I dropped the box blatantly labeled FRAGILE DO NOT DROP and as you can imagine ended up smashing a few plates and bowls...then after various baking sessions for friends birthdays I left plates here there and everywhere and couldn't for the life of me find any matching all fairness I have discovered the downfalls of having black plates, 

1) no matter how well you wash and dry them they always look like they haven't been washed.
2) Studies have shown the more contrast the colour of the plate you eat off has against the food you are eating helps your body to establish when you are full and stops you from filling your plate sky high with food as you are more aware of what you are placing on it.

With that in mind I decided to start buying mix and match plates so that if I were to ever smash anymore it would be easier to replace...also my cupboard full of colourful crockery and glasses looks pretty saaaweeeeet!


Dunelm mill £0.99
 I thought after starting my miss match crockery collection I would have a look in Dunelm mill to see if they had any good bargains and then I came across this...It was in a bit of a mess to be fair with threads popping out of seams everywhere and frayed fabric making the poor cushion look like it was having a major fizz issue. That aside it was nothing a little TLC and a pair of scissors couldn't fix! I've started a cushion collection on my bed so I thought this would be a nice little member to add to the family...despite the fact that every morning I wake up in a mess of duvet and cushions scattered everywhere like a bomb has exploded in the room! 

 Bellini cocktail £2.49 Aldi, turquoise champagne flute £4.99 for a set of four
Finally last but not least is this little delight! I saw this the other day on my sweet potato and fruit run (so much cheaper from Aldi.) Bellini's are my favorite drink, refreshing and damn right tasty! They do this in Peach and strawberry, I'm yet to try the strawberry one...don't get me wrong it's not high vol but if you add more prosecco this makes the perfect drink for the summer!

So my sweets that is all for today!

ta ta for now! x

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