Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lotsa little bargains!

One of my closest friends is going traveling next week so we decided to head to Leeds in order to purchase the last of her essentials for her trip! I always say I'm not going to buy anything but I couldn't resist!

 "Beach" bag | £2 each| Primark

First up are these "beach bags" personally I thought these were fantastic and I've been raving about them ever since I bought them! At £2 each I couldn't resist...although the main purpose being for the beach I thought they would be good for nights out, not only can they spruce up a simple outfit they are waterproof which for me was an added bonus. Usually when I go on a night out I seem to be the one who always gets a drink knocked over me (I put it down to the fact I'm so tiny ha.) So when a guy spilt his drink all over my bag on Saturday night and was profusely apologizing, I was more impressed that my bag had passed the test and spent most of the next half an hour raving about my amazing £2 purchase...needless to say Vicki thought I was bonkers haha!

 Sunglasses | £1 | Primark

Next up I have these little beauts! I bought a pair similar to these from Newlook for £5 and I adored them but one summer I tucked them into the v of my top and lost them somewhere in town...I was absolutely gutted because I find it so hard to find sunnies that I like...and at £1 it would have been rude not to!

 Bikini | £4 | Primark

I'm a HUGE fan of tie dye and instantly spotted this from the other side of the shop for a cheeky £4! I'm determined to go on holiday this year and in my weird little head I kind of thought "If I buy another bikini I'll have more of an excuse to go on holiday this year"...Yes earth to Jaz that's practically half of your wardrobe! Anywho I love it so yea £4 well spent!

Finally I met up with Mamma.T and she bought me these little cuties for my flat, which I was super grateful for as I made the dumbest mistake of getting bread out of the oven last week with my bare hands because I'm obviously an actual idiot - how I passed university is beyond me! Anyway lots of love for these!

Well there you have it a cheeky little haul of bargains! SUMMER IS A COMING!

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