Saturday, 2 June 2012

Harley Davidson grand opening!

Were on a road trip to the official grand opening for Harley Davidson!

Top- river island menswear
Shorts - topshop

I must say I'm a tad hungover from last night and most likely majority of this week haha, but with Uni finished with for summer I'm taking full advantage of my time off! Im super excited about starting my new job and thankfully im allowed to wear what i want, so ill have some good outfits to post about! May was defiantly a crazy month but its made me realise Sometimes you gotta just go for what you want before the opportunity passes you by, you never know until you try :)

So back to business!! We arrived at Leeds Harley Davidson grand opening and oh my god there were so many lush bikes! I've never really been on a bike before but I got to sit on the back of someone's bike while they had a test drive which was amazeballs!! There was a live band and once inside got my usual clothing fix which was good!
I've been loving the biker rocker chick look at the moment and am absolutely loving these shorts from topshop (cheeky prezzy to myself for passing everything tehe)


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