Sunday, 21 August 2011


Estee lauder double wear light wear foundation:

I'm actually quite surprised with this foundation, to say it's "light" it give great coverage and stays in place, I did use the Estee lauder tinted moisturizer before i used the double wear light, but i'm still really impressed. At the same price as the double wear I would say it is a summer must have!

Collection 2000 extreme felt tip liner:

I have to say this is good for creating the thin/thick lines for a great outstanding look, but I've had to re-apply it twice before I even left the house, if you don't mind doing so it is a great eye liner, but for me I prefer an eye liner that stays in place.


  1. I swear by that foundation :). Love your blog background.

    Helen, X

  2. I love Estee lauder :D

    thanks it's nicole fox - amazing model!

    Jasmine-alexa x