Friday, 25 May 2012

Out with the old in with the new!

Hey guyyyys! 
So I have some super exciting news!!!

I've got a new job working at Ben Sherman!!! I'm so excited it's untrue! It's an amazing opportunity and a new chapter in my life which is totally what I need right now!

Here's some pictures from my week! 
Me and Lucy had a road trip to Sheffield which was actually hilarious! We made a pit stop and ended up taking a wrong turn and had to park next to all the lorries haha before realising it was a £125 charge should we get caught ooops! 
The floral headband is an old purchase from a festival.
Oh yeah SUN, BEER and GERRIN A TAN! perfecto week!
I've got my final assessment on Monday and then after that my Summer finally can begin! I've been tempted to book a last min holiday next week, but we shall see as I may be moving into my new place soon!
Anyway best dash HELLO WEEKEND!


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