Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bad luck comes in threes or so I thought!

Today has quite possibly been a rather unlucky one to say the least!
First off I tripped up a step rushing for my bus to work scuffing my favourite shoes and fell flat on my face...luckily no one was around to see, but I have a horrendous feeling it was on cctv so I'm sure someone in Huddersfield had a jolly good laugh at me!
On arrival at work I then managed to trip over a step ladder then managed to slip of a kerb on my way to the gym! thank god there was no traffic otherwise I would have been a very squished Jasmine! 
As if I thought I couldn't embarrass myself any further whilst running I knocked my phone off the side and it flew off the treadmill like a seagull on a mission to steal food! Thank god someone picked it up and my poor phone suffered no damage!

Once home I thought I could have no more bad luck, oh how I was wrong...I dropped my card reader on the stairs and as a consequence I can no longer do the post that I had originally planned to write!

So the best I can do is use the (poor quality) photographs I have taken on my I-phone over Christmas...

This was theeee most amazing cocktail I think I have ever tasted, it was a "Berry surprise" and was literally like heaven on your tongue!
So until I manage to get a new card reader I think I will have to make do with my crappy phone pictures :(

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