Thursday, 8 December 2011

Work, work and more work...

Hey lovelies I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a while, deadlines, deadlines DEADLINES...I cannot wait to brake up next week hah!

So since I last posted I've managed to get another job (nope I haven't quit my River Island job) in a sweet little cocktail bar! I'm pretty excited because I could do with a little more cash to repair the gaping hole in my car fund!
It's been a fairly constructive week on the work front and we've had a French lecturer who has come to spend a few days in our uni doing workshops. We each have had to bring in three images from a family album, swap them between the class and take some more images of our interpretation of them. I can't post the original images but I've posted my response :) This image is from an photograph of a little girl sat on a rocking chair next to a Christmas tree smiling straight into the camera. I wanted to create the magical feel that I felt when I was a child, the impatient, fairytale feel with a commercial style image.

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