Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Clearasil Daily clear Vitamins & Extracts review!

I mentioned on my blog yesterday that I would be reviewing Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts wash and mask. This is part of three Clearasil products that I am testing and reviewing for GLAMOUR magazine.
I usually don't really use facial washes as I have really sensitive skin which tends to come out with rashes and eczema buuuuut this winter my skins been super dry and temperamental so I thought there's no harm in trying it especially if it is a freebie.

This product can be used as a daily face wash or a 3 minute face mask three times a week. I've been testing it this week as a face mask and will start using it everyday next week.

First off the packaging is simple, easy to read and smells lush. The product contains Avocado and Pomegranate extracts and is a light greeny colour. It is a thick but creamy texture and spreads evenly without running or sticking to your face like glue! 
When rinsing off my face felt smooth, soft and moisturised.
I didn't really notice the difference straight away but after using it a fair few times I noticed my skin looked fresher and I wasn't breaking out nearly half as much. If you look at my previous posts in August you will find my usual skin routine and products there :) 
I have disliked the Clearasil products I have used in the past but using this product has turned my view of the brand around and I am excited about trying out the two remaining products.

I will continue to review the other two products as soon as I receive them in the post, so stay tuned :D

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